We’ve been incredibly privileged to work alongside hundreds of happy clients over the years, carefully crafting bespoke diamond jewellery to fulfil their desires. Here are a few kind words from some of our latest clients.

  • Robbie Leckie (Scotland)

    Absolutely fantastic service

    Absolutely fantastic service! Decoris were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Shopping for an engagement ring can be a stressful and confusing experience, and it can be difficult to know who to trust or whether you are getting good value for money, but with Decoris I ended up with friendly and trustworthy service, a great deal and a top quality diamond. I had done some research and had a good idea of what I was looking for but Decoris managed to exceed my expectations (and most importantly my fiancée’s!) by a long way in terms of the size and quality of the diamond they sourced for me. My fiancée’s ring is widely admired and she is absolutely delighted with it, as am I. Thank you!

  • Nick Ebs (Australia)

    International order: excellent service; good price

    I ordered a 1.5ct diamond ring from Australia, having all conversations over the phone, with friends attending Decoris’s office and workshop to choose the ring and View the setting of diamond. Imam went above and beyond to ensure I was making the right choice in both ring and diamond, ensuring I got quality and a good price (I checked price with my uncle who is a jeweller in New Zealand and he could not beat the price). His knowledge and friendly nature made the process seem-less. He gave me a large variety of options and provided good analysis on each of the diamonds and rings I viewed. He was available nearly 24 hours a day for phone calls. I would 100% suggest buying with Imam and Decoris diamonds.

  • Zeeshan Shah (London)

    Amazing Bespoke Jewellery

    I was recommended Decoris jewlers by my friend and I can't thank him enough! From our first consultation you can tell Mursalin (the owner) isn't about trying to make as much money out of you as he can, but to make sure you buy the ring of your dreams (which my fiance's tears are a testament of). Throughout the process of finding a diamond and band he was never pushy but allowed us to take our own time . He went through everything step by step explaing the 4 C's, different shapes and other important aspects commonly overlooked such as a diamonds spread and BGM. Even when we were choosing a band he went through the difference aspects of each style helping us find one that would not only exentuate the qualities of the main diamond but be able to last a life time. During the process you could tell that he was getting as excited as we were to see the ring come to fruition. After we selected the final design Mursalin kept us up to date with every step with photos and videos from the diamond arriving at his workshop down to the final polish and engraving. This interactive approach elevated the entire experience as it went from just buying jewlery to seeing your ideas grow and materialise Infront of your eyes. If you want your experience buying a ring to be like buying groceries in the supermarket then decoris isn't for you, but if you value an expert taking their time to help you make a bespoke ring for the person you love then you have found your place.

  • Akthar Uddin (London)

    Catered to us

    Going into this experience, my wife and I were very anxious about all the decisions we had to make when designing and buying our rings. Especially because we knew nothing about diamonds and our rings are something that would stay with us for the rest of our lives. The experience honestly could not have gone any better or easier. From the information that was provided, to making us feel comfortable enough to change our minds with the different areas involved in designing the rings and even the simple things like working around our time tables when making appointments. After the first appointment, the director immediately knew the vision my wife had for her ring and went out of his way to find everything to bring her vision to life. And it was spot on! He understood what she liked before she even knew herself and that was amazing because we both felt so indecisive during the whole process. But what we liked most was how personal the process was. It was catered to us and to our needs. Decoris Diamonds know that this isn’t just a shopping experience to buy rings, but an important and meaningful experience for couples who are on their way to start a new journey in their lives.

  • Sajeda (London)

    Bespoke service at it’s best

    Initially, I had stepped into Decoris Diamonds just to check the retailer off the long list of other stores I had visited but Mursalin’s dedication, patience and expertise to sourcing beautiful and ethical diamonds made my search very easy. My entire experience from start to finish with Decoris Diamonds has been nothing short of amazing.. from a very warm welcome to all the tiny little personal touches that no other diamond retailer in Hatton Garden offered. I had read up on all things diamond related and knew exactly what I wanted before I entered Decoris. I had searched high and low but was still unable to find what I was looking for within my budget. Moreover, I thought I knew all there was to know about diamonds but Decoris Diamonds continued to educate me throughout the process and told me what to things to look for and what to avoid. The entire experience has been both wonderful and educational. Decoris Diamonds kept me informed and very involved in every step of creating a bespoke engagement ring. They even offered me the experience of watching my diamond being set on to the mount. How special is that? I’m already thinking of my next ring now and will certainly be recommending all my friends and family to Decoris. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  • Luks (Qatar)

    Excellent service and aftercare

    I knew what design I was looking for and sent an image through. When I had my appointment I was given multiple choices of rings based on the what I was looking for and I found the perfect ring. The service I received was excellent. He was fully attentive to every detail I wanted. The aftercare is also amazing. Decoris Diamond keep in touch with my husband to make sure I have no problems with my ring and help me with any issues - I didn't just pay for the ring. Very easy to contact. I would recommend Decoris Diamonds to everyone.

  • Diaz Tanurrezal (Indonesia)

    Professional, personable, and can tailor to needs

    If there's one thing, if I may speak on behalf of many men, men are not that good at is choosing jewellery for their loved ones. Fortunately, Mr Mursalin made my life so much easier from selecting the type and design based on my budget. My wife wanted earrings and she is very happy with the choice I had made. She's wearing them nearly daily now! Mr Mursalin even gave me a tour of their workshop in Hatton Gardens which is pretty impressive! This is the place to go to and I'm started saving up again to buy the next piece :)

  • Monira (London)

    Me and my fiancé visited…

    Me and my fiancé visited decorisdiamonds and we had the most easy going experience. I wanted a elongated radiant cut diamond ring which is quite hard to source, however Mursalin found the perfect diamond ring very quickly. I would definitely recommend to everyone if you’re looking for that perfect bespoke ring! He kept us in the loop on any updates with the ring which made us feel at ease and made us feel very involved in the making of the ring. We absolutely love our rings and are extremely happy with his high level of customer service!

  • Shahnaj Miah (London)

    We loved the service, rings & aftercare

    Me and my husband searched the whole of Hatton Garden for the perfect ring- I opted for a pear shape halo and I was shocked at the lack of options for this type of ring. I was then recommended to Mursalin at Decoris Diamonds and I knew the ring was the one as soon as I saw his collection. Mursalin was so attentive and considerate of my tastes and discussed with me the type and cut I wanted before my appointment. He had a huge variety and the rings were stunning. I was so glad with the final product. My husband also bought his ring from Decoris Diamonds and has been so happy with it since. Not only did Mursalin take care of us prior to the rings being picked, he has since kept in touch and asked about our rings and also sent us a polish kit for the rings. He continuously messages about our rings places a lot of importance on aftercare of the rings aswell as keeping a close tie with his clients. I’m gutted I wasted a lot of time on Hatton Garden searching and searching and I’m so glad I came across the best till last which was Decoris Diamonds. Since my rings, I have recommended them to my brother who recently got his ring and his wife’s ring from here too and they are super chuffed with theirs! Mursalin was also successfully able to source a Rolex for my brother and this is also something he was happily and willing to do for us. I will always recommend Decoris Diamonds.

  • Yasmin Um Faris (Saudi Arabia)

    Fantastic service and highly reliable!

    We received a fantastic service with Decoris; from our initial consultation to receiving the end product, Mr Mursaleen was very professional and attentive. He was patient with us while we discussed what we were looking for and he gave us lots of options to suit our budget. He is very trustworthy and reliable too. My husband and I are so pleased with how the rings turned out, they're perfect and exactly what we wanted! If anyone is looking to treat a loved one (or themselves!) I couldn't recommend Decoris Diamond enough. Thank you Decoris!

  • Adrian Chopra (Portsmouth)

    Wonderful experience of diamond shopping

    I am not only extremely satisfied with my purchase, but also enjoyed the entire experience. Prior to my visit to Decoris Diamonds, I had very little knowledge of diamonds and the trade in general, but the gentleman kindly spent the 1st 90 minutes of my appointment explaining the extraction process, design as well as other units of determining quality that the high street retailers will not tell you. The service was tailored towards what my requirements where, and used this as a blueprint to prepared a design. My reason of purchase was for an engagement ring with a wedding band, which obviously holds huge sentimental value, so hopefully she’s as pleased with it as I am!

  • Tabassum Chaudhury (London)

    Had the best experience ever

    Had the best experience ever! Quality diamonds, nothing less! I had done research on diamonds myself prior to purchasing and I knew Decoris was the one I wanted to go to because they dont just focus on making a sale but they focus on your experience when purchasing your diamond. Myself and my husband was taken care of from the start, we knew exactly what we wanted and we asked for that and we got more than what we had asked for. We couldn't be any happier. The owner of Decoris focuses on delivering quality to his customers and I have witnessed this over the last year after recommending his shop to many friends and family. No one has ever been disappointed and everyone without a fail has thanked me endlessly for recommending Decoris.